Biopesticides Attract Big Green


Apparently we’re not the only ones who see the potential of the emerging eco-pest control market. AgraQuest, a maker of environmentally-friendly pesticides (or biopesticides, as the company calls them) based in Davis, Calif., said it’s raised $20 million in a mezzanine round. The funds come from UK-based Loudwater Trust Ltd. and AgraQuest’s existing investors, among them TPG Ventures and Halcyon Capital.

AgraQuest plans to use the infusion to bring five new products to the U.S. market over the next two years — including an insecticide, a fumigant, and a biofungicide — as well as to stake a bigger claim overseas. As CEO Mike Miille said in a press release, “Global demand for biopesticides in general, and AgraQuest’s products specifically, is accelerating. As a result, the investment community is enthusiastic about our prospects.”

And for those of you who question whether killing bugs in an eco-sensitive manner is really worthy of such fanfare, the company points you to a recent report from BCC research that estimates the global biopesticide market will be worth $1 billion by 2010 — which, frighteningly enough, is a mere two years away. Just another sign that big agriculture is getting a global overhaul, and smart greentechers are seizing the moment.


Dr Venkatesh Devanur

Wonderful. I am glad that a Biopesticides company has raised USD 20 Million. And the Biopesticides industry is poised for big growth from present USD 600 Million to USD 1 Billion by 2010.

Biopesticides industry in India is very vibrant and we are glad that there can be possibilities for buisness co-operation between Indian and other global companies.

Being a part of biopesticides industry ( we are happy to see the funding coming for our industry.

All the best Agrauest.

Dr Venkatesh Devanur


This is awesome. I know that all the overfarming has taken it’s toll on the land. Some have turned to using a prey/predetor type of farming , so that the bio-systems around a farm becomes a system of checks and balances. Only a fraction of one percent of all farmland runs on this truly green land management model. The proliferation of non-toxic pesticides will , hopefully , help those mege farms come over to the friendlier side of life.


Glad to see more companies getting greener.

All our products are non-lethal and environmentally friendly and have been for over 40 years.

Thanks for shedding some light on our industry.

Jess D’Amico
Media Correspondent

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