Add a port replicator though an ExpressCard slot

ReplicatorAs the move away from PCMCIA slots ensues, I suspect we’ll see more ExpressCard peripherals over the next few years. This port replicator is a perfect example, although at $300 it’s nearly the price of a wireless USB dock. Still, if you need four more USBs, DVI & VGA out, Gigabit Ethernet and audio connections galore, this might be a nice gift under the Christmas tree. Bear in mind you’ll be limited in your travels with this particular model as it requires power through the AC adapter. Maybe this doesn’t belong under the tree, but on your desk instead?While we’re on the subject of ExpressCards: other than modem cards, what are you using your ExpressCard slot for these days? Shout out some peripherals and the machine(s) you’re using them with!(via SlashGear)