Windows Mobile 6.1: the unrated pictorial

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Normal_windowsmobile61_28Looks like the cat’s out of the bag and the next update to Windows Mobile is available for peeping. Not officially, of course, but that doesn’t make the plethora of pictures any less satisfying over at BGR, does it? Aside from the many screenshots (which look quite nice, by the way), the run-down on some of the new WinMo 6.1 features include:

  • Copy / Paste menu selection; cool, I was tired of the tap & hold and CTRL+C & V ;)
  • New home screen (pan left and right to check out missed calls, notifications like email, sms, etc.)
  • Recent Programs when pressing Start menu; seems like we’ve seen this before, but maybe it’s me…
  • Threaded SMS conversations
  • Internet Explorer Mobile updates and navigational tweaks

All in all, it looks pretty good from the early impressions, both by BGR and the folks who saw it firsthand under NDA at Mobius last week. CES ought to bring more details since the upgrade is expected in the first quarter of 2008.

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Some of the features sound nice, but I am willing to bet that the new UI is an AT&T exclusive much the same as the UI on the HTC Touch and the T-Mobile Shadow.

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