Open Thread: Would You Like a Facebook-Style Intranet?


While some companies ban Facebook and similar social networking services, other employers like Serena Software embrace it. Serena has implemented “Facebook Fridays” on which employees are encouraged to use an hour to update their Facebook profiles and connect with co-workers, family, and friends on the site. Serena even uses Facebook as the front-end to its Intranet.

Other companies exploring the use of Facebook-like social networking software in the workplace include software giant Oracle with its Connect prototype and telephone support outsourcer Alpine Access, who uses HiveLive to allow its home-based support reps to socialize online.

Does your employer encourage or discourage the use of online social networking? Would you like to use Facebook or something similar to connect with coworkers and business partners?



yes I want a Facebook style (featured) intranet, we’ve got 120 employees who’ve all got specialist knowledge and hardly any of them know each other. Are you building one? Need a guinea pig project?


My employer is fairly cool about this, we’ve over 8k employees in our Facebook network. Helps that our CEO and some of our head comms guys get Facebook.

Through the use of twitter plugins you get to see more of what folk are up to, and it encouraged me to tweet more, too.

Mario Olckers

I think the Friday Facebook hour is brilliant. Apart from the mundane and frivolous (zombie bites & b%*$ slap) there is also serious business networking potential and I find it very informative to know the kind of people I’m dealing with (their fav books movies groups causes etc)

the Facebook naysayers tend to throw out the baby with the bathwater and mostly focus on red herrings like “privacy” and “lost productivity and time waster”. I am a fan and have derived immense value from having my siblings, university friends and serious business colleagues all in the same place and the powerful communications and sharing tool it provides you with.

It is tasteful, extremely useful and fun and I actually want to be there all the time; cant say the same for LinkedIn or twitter, sorry :'(

and for all that (free) value I am more than willing to let Z and team tap my personal details which I consciously and willingly put in there, otherwise how will they be able to provide this FREE and powerful tool?

The naysayers may peacefully be on their way and use ning, plenty of choices out there


I think it would be great- particularly for fostering a feeling of connection between staff in different offices, out on site (we’re archaeologists) and working from home. It is something that we are actively looking into, though not with facebook per se, but with some kind of customised portal.

What I find frustrating is that people are happy to adopt these things for their out of work web browsing, but we get resistance when we suggest something similar for work. I guess we have to wait for our colleagues to see the benefit of social networking for work as well as play…

Colin Loretz

A facebook-style intranet would be especially beneficial from an adoption perspective. A lot of intranet software is bulky (especially if its custom built, as is the case for my company) and unfriendly to the user.

Software that is easy to use and allows for communication between co-workers, perhaps even between work groups/teams would be a step in the right direction.

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