Nokia “Comes with Music”: subscription plan with a happy ending


03_nokia_comes_with_music_lowresNokia is really finishing out the year strong with multiple announcements on what seems like a daily basis. Today’s biggest mover and shaker in terms of Nokia news is their “Comes with Music” initiative: a hybrid music plan that’s a cross between an unlimited subscription and a music ownership model.You’ll get a year of unlimited tunes like the Zune Pass subscription model that I’ve enjoyed for the past twelve months. Once the year is up, you’ll apparently be able to keep all of the music which contrasts greatly from the traditional model. Nokia will be offering music from Universal Music Group International for starters and they’re in discussions with other labels. Their goal sounds like they’re in it to win it based on this quote: “Even if you listened to music 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you would still only scratch the surface of the music that we’re making available”. No details yet from Nokia on what the “Comes with Music” package adds to the price of a handset, if anything. (Update: various other sites indicate the music package will be free. This could be a game changer, especially if Nokia is successful in signing other major music shops.)

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