Missing the “Send to OneNote” feature? 64-bit might be why


Microsoft_onenote_logoDan Escapa addressed this particular issue at the OneNote Extensibility blog and I’m sure we’ve got a few 64-bit Vista users that might be impacted. Some folks are looking for the incredibly useful "Send to OneNote" function in OneNote 2007 on Microsoft Windows Vista, but they’ve come up dry. We knew the feature uses a print driver, but what we didn’t know until Dan shared the news was that the feature isn’t available in the 64-bit version of Vista:

"…the Microsoft Office Document Imaging tools are not available on 64-bitand therefore the Send to OneNote print driver isn’t available."

Microsoft and the OneNote team are definitely aware of the issue and Dan hopes to have it addressed in the future. No promises at this point, so keep your fingers crossed.

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