Happy Birthday to Us!


newteevee_birthday2.gifWhoops! We just realized that NewTeeVee is a year old today. We love this site so much we were just working away like normal and practically forgot about the special occasion. It all started with stories about Jaman and Praying Mantis Girl (which we still get random traffic for, by the way) on December 4, 2006. Since then we’ve grown up alongside this crazy new online video industry. We hope there are many more years to come.

Thanks to Om and Chancey and the rest of the GigaOM team for your tireless work making things happen for this little site. Thanks to everyone who’s read our articles, left us comments, participated in our Pier Screenings events or our conference, and created a company or a video or something else we’ve covered. We owe it all to you!



Amazing it has only been a year; definitely the “must-read” of the day, and an awesome conference, too.

Chris Lynn

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NewTeeVee CREW!! Thanks for providing great insight on the current state and future of online media! Whoot!


Where’s my cake? Or maybe an unboxing video of Liz opening a cake box?

Tim Street

Wow, with all the great parties you’ve thrown and events you’ve put on I would have thought you have been around for a couple of years.

Thanks for all the info.

Om Malik

Yeah Liz, Chris, Jackson, Janko, Karina and everyone else. It has been an awesome ride. many more years of fun to come…

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