Asus Eee PC mod nets 20 GB of internal flash storage


Asuseeepc16gbflashAt this rate, the Asus Eee PC is going to win a 2008 InkBlot award for the most hacked UMPC. The latest modification adds two internal USB ports, one of which currently houses 16 GB worth of guts from a Corsair Voyager flash drive. For the math-challenged, that brings the internal flash storage capacity up to 20 GB and still keeps the other stock parts in perfect working order! Since I’m solder-shy, I’m going to hold off on the heavy duty hacks like this and wait for an flash module on a PCI-e card.All of the gory pics and instructions for this upgrade are readily available on the EeeUser forums, which is really becoming a wonderful and heavily trafficked resource. The hacks, tips and tricks are there for the taking and clearly folks are taking notice: the number of topics and posts are well into the tens of thousands for a li’l Linux laptop that’s only about six weeks old!(via Engadget; thanks Steve!)


Kevin C. Tofel

There are instructions on the forum to get XP on an SD card, but I haven’t had time to follow them. I may have to as the Eee is not recognizing the XP SP2 disc in my USB optical drive. I think that drive is on it’s last legs and if that’s the case, I’m going to have Linux on the Eee for quite some time.


I have also read on the eee pc forums about installing Windows xp to a sdhc card and being able to boot off the sdhc card. Would be a cool way to have a dual boot system and have your operating system an storage on a sd card. How is the nLite windows XP install going? I am interested in the 687mb install with office.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


Why not use a SDHC Secure Digital card. I know they come in 8gb for cheep. The slot in the eee pc accepts this type of card. You can easily change the card out for a bigger card without opening the device.


Joshua A. Hall

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