Palm eeks out WinMo 6 for Treo 750 before others get 6.1


Palm_treo750_att_lAh yes, a month later and Palm might have released the Windows Mobile 6 upgrade after other devices got v6.1. Just in time to prevent that, Palm has made the latest Microsoft mobile OS available for the Treo 750 customers on the AT&T network. All of the latest features I’ve come to enjoy on my T-Mobile Dash since May of this year are readily available for the 750 including:

  • Microsoft Direct Push Technology connection to email, calendar, contacts and tasks
  • Email enhancements such as HTML-formatted email messages
  • Ability to set an out-of-office message from the Treo smartphone
  • Mini-SD storage card encryption, password and PIN improvements, and remote data wipe
  • Ability to search for email messages on the Exchange server
  • Meeting request and scheduling conflict improvements
  • Improved Calendar with Day-at-a-Glance bar.

It’s yours for the downloading, Treo 750 owners. Hurry up before Win Mo 6.1 hits the airwaves! Actually, I shouldn’t be so snarky: this upgrade gives something to Treo 750 owners something I’ll never see on my Dash – HSDPA support! Happy faster surfing!

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