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Universal Music Restricting Music Streaming On Certain Sites

Universal Music Group, the largest music label, has implemented a new online streaming policy for its artists: each song for its artists will be limited to either 90-second clips or full-songs that contain promotional voice-over messages, reports Billboard. Excluded are any online services that UMG has a commercial licensing deal with, which means it is getting compensated for each stream. The policy applies to MySpace (which UMG is suing for violation of copyright law) and others. The story says UMG is concerned that users won’t buy the track or album if they get free streaming of full songs.

One Response to “Universal Music Restricting Music Streaming On Certain Sites”

  1. Hmm… interesting proposition, Universal

    Either I can listen to 90 second-long streams or head over to my favorite p2p sharing application, that I use to download 'public domain' tracks and get the full-length song on my computer with no DRM or I can pay for a product that sucks.

    lack of morals or abundance of rational sense?