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More On Yahoo Network Changes: Weiner Slims Structure; Moore Now Heads Media

Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO) has made official what we first reported Saturday: the reorganization of the Network division headed by Jeff Weiner, including an expansion of Scott Moore’s portfolio to include all of the company’s major content areas. The changes include narrowing the division from six product lines to four: News & Information will be integrated with Entertainment and will be known as Media, while the Local Markets and Commerce group is being split between graphical ad-oriented Media (Auto and Real Estate) and Search (Local, Shopping, Travel and Personals). It’s a far cry from the clunky set up created just a year ago during the first of several corporate-wide makeovers. We’ve posted a memo from Yahoo explaining the new structure.

Moore’s increase in responsibility comes as Vince Broady is removed from the division’s leadership, although I am told efforts are underway to create a position for him elsewhere in the company that would make the best use of his interest in publishing. (Broady announced a plan earlier this year to create a Branded Universe with 100 brand “worlds” collecting material about single brands like Star Wars. That effort didn’t gain much traction but a variation on the theme could make a good fit for the advertiser and publisher division headed by Hilary Schneider.)

Among the changes:
— Brad Garlinghouse, who comes out of his memo-writing phase smelling like premium peanut butter, adds responsibility for “cross-network social initiatives including the next generation Yahoo! profile and social vitality.”
— Jasper Malcolmson, interim head of Marketplaces (LMC) since Jen Dulski left last month, will oversee Local, Shopping, Travel and Personals reporting to Vish Makhijani at Search.
— Nick Besbeas has been named head of YND Marketing, reporting directly to Weiner.
More Tuesday from interviews with Weiner and Moore.