Warner Crocker’s geek weekend


Fellow Tablet PC MVP Warner Crocker has been under the weather but like a true geek he hasn’t let that keep him from several interesting geek projects around the house.  Warner got himself an iMac to use for his desktop system, a move I predict he will be very happy with before long.  It will be fun to see what Warner has to say about the Mac after being immersed in the Windows world for so long.  Have fun with this, Warner.  :)  He’s also upgraded the firmware of his Sprint Mogul and tells us how that went.  His wife has been using an Asus EEE PC and he lets us know how that is going, especially the quest to find a Canon i70 printer driver for Linux to use on the EEE.  I too use an i70, easily one of the best printers I have ever owned as it’s served me faithfully, and at times without power, for years.  Who knows, I may be picking up an EEE at some point so I’m going to follow Warner’s efforts to get the i70 working with it.  Sounds like you had a lot of fun, Warner.

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