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Vid-Biz: NBC, iTunes, TeXtra

NBC Officially Off iTunes while FOX Movies to Apple? NBC content is gone from Apple’s store (MacDaily News) as reports swirl that a deal that would expand iTunes’ offering beyond Disney flix could be done by January (Silicon Alley Insider). In related news, NBC Strikes Deal for Documentary TV Block — the deal with Berman-Braun Productions brokers low-cost programming from producer Thom Beers. (New York Times)

TeXtra Del Conte Graduates from PodShow to CNet TV; she’ll cover CES in January, new show to start in February 2008. (TechCrunch)

The Guardian and Salon get Current; journalists from the publications to produce vlogs for Current and Current TV. (release)

Download the New Harry Potter, Legally; digitus movieum!, Warner Bros. testing new tech that allows customers who buy the flick to download a copy from the DVD itself. (Video Business)

Egyptian Journalist’s YouTube Account Reinstated without Videos; account of anti-torture advocate Wael Abbas’ that was previously shut down is now back up, Abbas can upload but must provide satisfactory explanation for violence. (Read/Write Web)

Mobile TV Subscribers to Increase, but Revenue Will Lag; ScreenDigest predicts 140 million subscribers by 2011, operators won’t make money on TV services, but will offer them to remain competitive. (PDF release)