Stream satellite radio to your BlackBerry over the web

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Siriusradioblackberrypearl8830Most of us wouldn’t classify a BlackBerry as a media-centric handheld, but these instructions to stream satellite radio via to the web to your ‘Berry might help change the perception a little. Standard computing devices have long enjoyed XM and Sirius content over the Internet, but smaller devices have required plug-ins and workarounds. The solution outlined here is no different and uses an old streaming standby: Orb.In addition to Orb, you need a host PC and potentially a small add-on application to serve up your satellite radio, but once you have those, you can stream away on a bunch of mobile devices. It definitely works on the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 as shown by this video demonstration; folks with other models will have to try it out and report back. This has me thinking back to the Orb streaming I was doing on my iPhone this past summer. I wonder if this solution will net me some satellite radio on the iPhone too? I’ll update if time permits…(via Gear Diary)

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Yup, Orb definitely works with the iPhone, I have tried it. XM and Sirius both work once you set up the correct serving apps on your PC, but make sure you don’t use 128k streaming with Sirius, because you will get quite a bit of buffering.

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