Skype 2.7 beta for Mac supports VGA video calls

Skype27betamacNormally, I wait for new Skype releases to stabilize before giving them a try, but I wanted to see if the new 2.7 beta made me look any more handsome than I am in real life. It didn’t, but then I suppose we can’t fault the Skype folks for that. What the 2.7 beta did do was offer James a VGA picture of the not-so-good-looking me and it’s fully supported on Mac OS X Leopard. We just had a lengthy video-conference and it was no surprise that my video was clearer on his side: there’s no longer a need to hack your way to VGA video since it’s now supported natively in this version. The difference is extremely noticeable (almost frighteningly in my case) since VGA offers up four-times the resolution of QVGA. Trust me: I did the math after drinking two bottles of Focus Vitamin Water this afternoon. Heh…using the word “focus” in a post about resolution… go figure.(via Download Squad)


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