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In the pre-blog world, when you left a company, they would escort you out of the building. Now they zap your blog. There are rumors that Motorola CTO Padmasree Warrior had resigned and was leaving the beleaguered mobile phone maker. Well, those rumors must be true. Suddenly all the entires on her popular blog have been zapped. And if you try and go there, you get redirected to a generic Motorola page.

6 Responses to “Moto Zaps CTOs Blog”

  1. yeah, but the entire collection of entries from 12/06 through august of this year are in the archive – see for yourself…some good stuff!

    but here’s a ***really ** funny bit – in her most recent archived blog entry, she rambles on about some personal stuff, excerpt:

    “My pet peeves:
    When colleagues traveling with me, check-in their bags and we keep waiting…and waiting…and waiting
    When our PR team attempts to rewrite what I write (am just sayin’)
    Nutrition articles with constant reminders about bad karma for skipping breakfast every day”

    …does pulling down her blog after departure (so quickly) feel a lot like number 2 on that list???