Office Mobile 6 available for purchase


OfficemobileLast week saw the Windows Mobile Office 6.1 release, which added Office 2007 file format compatibility to the software suite. What if you don’t have the latest and greatest version of Office Mobile on your device? In a rare (but previously announced) move, Microsoft is offering the software direct to consumers for a fee. You’ll have to really be a heavy Office Mobile user to get your money’s worth, because the app will set you back nearly $50. The good news is: if you have an earlier version of Office Mobile, you may be eligible for a free upgrade. If you’re in that camp, with a WM 6 or WM 5 device with touchscreen, you can get details here.No old version of Office? Well, if you must have it on your Windows Mobile 6 device, get your credit card ready and hit up Handango for the download.(via pocketnow)

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