Sony Invests In Community Site Gaia Online; Signs Up For Virtual Movie Screenings

Gaia Interactive, a San Jose, CA-based virtual space “hangout” geared towards young people, using avatars, has received an undisclosed amount of investment from Sony (NYSE: SNE) Pictures. The company is also tying up with with Sony and Warner Bros. to stream movies and TV shows inside of virtual theaters online created on its service, reports Variety.

Both studios will provide movies and TV shows as ad-supported and premium. PPV films will cost $1.99 each to watch. Gaia’s 2.5 million members will be able to put their avatars inside the virtual theaters where the content will be playing, the story says.

THR: Sony and Warner will each deliver 50 library titles to Gaia, including “Spider-Man,” “Ghost Rider,” “Batman Returns” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.” Sony will eventually supply other programming as well, drawn from TV-derived content channels it has designated for digital platforms, including the Minisode Network, a collection of condensed episodes from Sony’s television library.