Open Thread: What Digital Camera Do You Use?

When I saw that Om was asking for under-$250 camera recommendations on our mother site, GigaOM, it struck me that the digital camera is a key piece of equipment for many web workers. Not only can you use one to produce just the right image for your latest blog post, but you also need it to create a Flickr feed of your physical life so your virtual friends can see what you’re up to.

My own camera, a 4.0 megapixel Canon Powershot A85, has served me well — I’d definitely buy a similar model were I in the market.

In fact, I am in the digital camera market, because I’d like to get my seven-year-old daughter a cheapie digital camera for Christmas. Lately, she’s been setting up photo shoots with her stuffed animals using the built-in camera on our iMac. Seems to me, though I haven’t researched it yet, that if I can get a nice basic digital camera for myself for a couple hundred dollars I ought to be able to find a camera for her for less than a c-note.

Can you recommend a digital camera? Under $250 for a web worker? Under $100 for a web worker in training?


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