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How to back up SMS messages on iPhone

[qi:012] Micromat has released a beta version of Syphone, a tiny application that you install on your Apple computer. It allows you to save, archive and view the SMS messages on your desktop machine. Don’t worry, it won’t muck around with your iPhone. I love it – now all my SMS messages have been saved. (via)

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  1. Hi,
    i was using Nokia N95 and made a back up file in my pc. Some days ago i bought an iPhone. Do anyone knows how can i transfer all the information to my new cellphone?

  2. for the iPhone I use MobileSyncBrowser to manage my iPhone backups – actually iTunes backs up the iPhone data – call logs, SMS, etc. but you need a third-party product to be able to view that backed up data. Apple are you listening?

  3. For Nokia users, a software called Nokia Photos can be used not only to archive messages into PC but also you can search for certain keyword or phone number through all the messages and the software comes free with the Nokia installer. Adding to that, it organizes messages flawlessly and you can view all the messages perfectly. The software alone is the strongest reason why it’s hard to let go of my Nokia. Is there any similar software for iPhone 3GS?

  4. Note that Syphone will NOT work on current versions: be sure to backup in PDF format, otherwise you’ll be stuck with a highly unsympathetic file format and may just as well not backup at all. Syphone/Micromat is not concerned: their answer to questions on incompatibility is ‘tough luck’.

  5. downloaded and installed Syphone on my G4 Mac PowerBook but it does not detect my iPhone (2.1 firmware) at all even though iPhoto and iTunes detects the phone. Anybody have any ideas?

  6. Synphone only works for mac? I own a windows laptop, and this iPhone SMS backup program finally helped me out
    It enables us transfer iPhone SMS to computer as a txt file or a ANTS file. Before the transfer, we can choose to transfer from all contacts or a single contact. Moreover, we can choose transfer the SMS to a TXT file or a ANTS file. In ANTS file condition, we can protect the file with a password to keep our privacy

  7. Zsolt Kónya

    hello everybody! :)

    pleas help me a bit! …i’ve jutst installed Syphone and i don’t really know how to start syncing my iPhone’s sms messages wtih it! Does it work through iTunes or so? Zsolt

  8. There’s also YouArchive.It to backup SMS messages… this is also a web service, so SMSs are stored in the site, and are accessible from anywhere the world.
    Also, messages can be imported directly from the phone, with a free application called iTextUploader.

  9. I’ve just downloaded the program, run, nothing worked, shut down and reopened and it won’t load up… clearly still in very early beta testing!

    try again next time Syphone

  10. Here is a website that i came across that has an application for Windows users. I downloaded and tried to use it but there were problems. The same thing may happen for you but trying shouldn’t hurt. If any one else has an answer to the SMS archive issues on Windows with iPhones please let me know.

  11. Yes, I am wondering the same thing, too. How can I save my text messages and voice mail to Windows XP, or Vista? This very frustrating. I like the iPhone, but am not going to become a Mac user. Am strongly considering going to the Sony Xperia when it comes out. So tired of the non-compatibility with this phone and my Windows OS. If anyone has a solution or knows of some software, other than jailbreaking the phone, I’d love to hear. Thanks.

  12. Om,
    Syphone is pretty cute for your own personal private archive. We make an SMS archiving app but instead of saving to your computer we save them online.

    Treasuremytext (the original SMS archive) saves people’s favorite SMS messages online. When saved, users can organise and share their messages. Our users from all over the world save messages simply by forwarding them to our standard rate mobile number: hassle free with no compatibility issues, it works on any phone, any network, anywhere.

    Until that is iPhone came along. The Treasuremytext Dev Team has iPhones and we quickly found we couldn’t use our own service with our iPhones as there was no way of forwarding messages. Of course the iPhone offers us a much better way to archive messages using EDGE or Wifi, so if we could build an iPhone app that lets iPhone users archive some or all messages to Treasuremytext, then we would make Treasuremytext better for iPhone users as it would be free to use (rather than the cost of the forwarded SMS).

    Treasuremytext 2 is now in beta, and the iPhone app is very nearly ready for launch. The beta is running with a Netherlands phone number right now but we are launching localized versions in UK, NL and USA soon.

    For invites to try out the new Treasuremytext see:


    Katie Lips

  13. Hi Om,

    maybe you should try for your Nokia N95 or any other SyncML compatible mobile phone or device (in excess of 1 billion currently on the market). Synkia will back up and archive all your SMS messages online. By using Synkia’s service you can also synchronize address book information, tasks, notes. You can also easily migrate data from one device to another.

    Synkia’s SMS backup is performed as a onetime action of synchronization between a mobile phone and the Synkia server, together with all personal data. In the SMS section of Synkia’s web application users have a backup of all messages still present on their phones and an unlimited archive of all messages ever backed up with Synkia, no matter if they are still on the phone or not. Rich search functions allow the user to find a specific messages by key words, date sent or received and by the sender’s name.

    And as more people store digital contact data in multiple places, a server-based address book, such as Synkia’s, is able to unify your contacts and keep them all in sync. Synkia integrates this all into an online portal at

    Synkia’s solution supports a wide range of mobile devices including:

    • SyncML enabled phones, including models from Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericcson and others
    • Windows Mobile devices, devices such as BlackBerries and Palm Treos, via third party software

    Synkia ensures that data is up-to-date on every device and server.

    Regards, Jo Mosaku

    Disclosure: I currently work for Synkia AS, headquartered in Oslo, Norway with development team based in Kraków, Poland

  14. Nah, I am using it on a off-and-on basis. i have four phones: a samsung for sprint, a n95, a curve and an iphone. for strictly personal calls i use iphone – attached to an AT&T plan with awesome deal on calls to my parents in India. for work its the samsung and curve. n95 is just a phone (to test). Hope that helps.

    I have to say one thing which is indeed awesome about iphone – calendar syncing with mac. though i find goosync another great service to sync with curve and n95.