Google Hints at the Future of Apps


If you’re like us here at WWD, you may have been wondering if Google was ever going to do anything with JotSpot…a company Google acquired over a year ago. Now we know. According to blogger Andrew Miller who attended a Google presentation in Ann Arbor (of all places), JotSpot’s technology will be the foundation for the new & improved Google Page Creator Sites.

Other tidbits of info from Miller’s blog post on the presentation include:

Wider rollout of Google Gears for offline app access, addressing one of the biggest issues around storing one’s entire productive life on a remote server. Ironic that Google isn’t the first to bring offline support to documents or tasks using their own Gears plug-in. Better late than never.

Integration of GrandCental into other Google apps is a “huge priority.” All well and long as they don’t fundamentally change the service by siphoning off the technology into smaller pieces they only apply to other apps.

K.I.S.S. philosophy remains. Seems obvious enough, but still nice to have confirmation. Google apps will never have everything-but-the-kitchen-sink bloat.


Eric Gifford

Wow… Google is going to be the best company in th world I bought their stocks at $92 and I’ll sell them once they reach $5000 and make 49 fold profit….

Wayne Smallman

I remember reading a tentative announcement by Eric Schmidt, where he said that they (Google, obviously) were going to slow the pace of application releases and instead be concentrating on making what applications they had better and more cooperative.

If I had a choice between new applications or better existing applications, right now I’d go for the latter…

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