UBC’s Cliq Hybrid Mobile Music-Radio Service To Launch This Week in UK


UK radio and technology group UBC Media Group is launching its Cliq mobile-radio hybrid music service that will let DAB digital radio listeners buy music tracks they hear on air. The songs can be bought by pressing a few buttons on their mobile phone.

For now, customers will need to load Cliq software on to their phones, reports Telegraph, but from next year, Cliq will be pre-installed on digital radios. It will then deliver, in text form, a list of the last five songs played by each participating radio station…to buy a song, the customer will click on the selected track and it will download to their PC. Each song costs £1.25, which is much higher than 79p charged by iTunes and others.

For pre-installed radio sets, UBC has struck at deal with Pure, which makes 40 per cent of digital sets sold in the UK. To break even, the story says, UBC needs 500,000 customers to buy three tracks a month. Its revenue is shared with the radio stations, the record labels and the radio manufacturers.

Inquirer: The service is, in fact, very similar to an offering from Nokia (NYSE: NOK) called Visual Radio which is built into most high end models these days. Except that Cliq should work on the 85 per cent of all handsets which support Java.

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