HTC Shift reviews are popping out all over

No question the HTC Shift has been a UMPC of mystical proportions as rumors have been flying around since details of the slider began to leak out.  A few folks have gotten preproduction units into their hot little hands and hands-on reviews are beginning to appear on the web.

Tablet PC MVP Craig Pringle has published a nice initial review and seems to be taken with the Shift.  Craig gives a good overview of the hardware including the tiliting/ sliding keyboard and the HSDPA integration.  He promises more as he begins to play with the device and I will be watching for this one.

Htc_shift_umpc_portalSteve "Chippy" Paine has also gotten his hands on one and has also published a good review of the HTC Shift. Steve spent a lot of time figuring out the best way to use the Shift’s keyboard since it’s too small for touch typing yet too big for comfortable thumb typing.  He’s also reporting that his unit seems to use a lot of battery power while in Sleep mode and even found the battery dead when he took it to a coffee shop to write the review.  My suspicions are that the Windows Mobile 3G email checking might be eating the battery even when the device is not seeming to be doing anything but I’m sure Steve will be running that down.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the Shift and see how it works for me.  I love the form and the innovation of the sliding keyboard and my experience with HTC products has been very good.  More on the Shift later.


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