Run Internet Explorer easily on your Mac with ies4osx


Ies4oxWe can debate the merits of IE vs. Safari, Firefox, Opera, Camino and more later; for now, let’s revel in the ability to run Internet Explorer on Mac OS X. Arguments and browser preferences aside, there are some sites that simply run better on IE. Case in point: Outlook Web Access, which is far better on IE than on any other browser.The steps to run Internet Explorer on a Mac are pretty straightforward, although there’s one extra step for Tiger users since you’ll need X11. With that requirement met, it’s simply a matter of downloading and adding two applications to run the Internet Explorer version of your choice, all four, or any combination of IE 5, 5.5, 6, or 7. I just ran through the process in ten minutes and since the app is run through Darwine, it’s noticeably slower than a native browser. Still, it’s an easy way to view pages in IE on a Mac as needed.(via Lifehacker)



Thanks for the tip!! At last I can set server side rules and view tasks on my hosted Exchange Server. There are times, I really hate Entourage…


Richard Chacon

Just enable the debug menu in safari,go to user agent, IE 6. Your pages will render as if they were in IE.

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