jkOnTheRun review- Waterfield Designs SleeveCase for the HP 2710p


I have waxed eloquently about the great cases and especially the Sleeve Cases available from Waterfield Designs (WD).  I first bought one for the Fujitsu P1610 and later got one for the MacBook Pro as well.  What I like about their SleeveCases is how they are as thin and light as possible while still protecting the equipment.  I had been really looking forward to getting a sleeve case for the HP 2710p so I can carry the Tablet with me without worrying about it getting damaged.  I am happy to tell you that there is a case now that fits the 2710p and here’s a brief review of the Waterfield Designs SleeveCase for it.


I first contacted the folks at SFBags who make the WD cases as soon as I bought the 2710p because their online store showed that a SleeveCase was not yet available for the HP.  I admit I was so anxious to get one of these cases that I was quite pesky with them about hurrying up and getting one released.  The good folks over there explained that they were trying to get the fit right and this was difficult since they didn’t have a 2710p to test it with.  I was quick to volunteer and they started sending me reference designs to help them determine what is the right size for the HP.  The first one they sent me was too tight, it was almost impossible to get the 2710p in and in fact it wouldn’t work at all with the ultra-slim battery attached.  They quickly sent me one a little bigger and I was thrilled to see it fit the 2710p with or without the extra battery.  For those who are anxious to get a good sleeve for the 2710p the case is the size 24-18.


Back of sleeve


Back pocket

One of the best features of the WD SleeveCase is that you can order it in several configurations to fit your usage needs.  On all of my previous cases I ordered them with the top flap, rings and a shoulder strap which lets me use the SleeveCase as a thin and light gear bag.  It’s cool to be able to slide the device into the case, throw it over my shoulder and move about with the whole kit that is barely larger then the device itself.  This configuration makes for the smallest gear bag to move around with and I love this.  The prototype cases that SFBags were sending to test were the basic configuration without the flap and rings.  This configuration is a simple sleeve with a small velcro flap and a thin pocket on the back of the case.  I have come to appreciate the simple sleeve as it is so small and thin that I can slide the case with the 2710p nestled securely inside into the laptop sleep of my small Booq bag.  This lets me slide out the HP in the case and take just the bare minimum with me when needed and I have come to appreciate this configuration.  Were the sleeve to have the top flap it would not fit in the Booq bag so this is working well for me.


Sleeve with 2710p inside


HP 2710p with ultra-slim battery in sleeve

All of the WD SleeveCases are built ruggedly of ballistic nylon and have great usability touches such as the flap on the bottom of the sleeve to make it easier to remove the device from the case.  The 2710p fits securely into the sleeve yet is easy to get into and out of the case when needed.  The thin pocket on the back of the sleeve won’t hold very much gear and there is no closure on it so small accessories have a tendency to fall out if I am not careful.  I counter this by using a WD Cable Guy which is a thin pouch with zippers on both sides that makes carrying accessories such as my Verizon v740 modem safe and easily reachable.  The Cable Guy is available in three sizes, mine is the medium and it fits perfectly in the pocket on the back of the SleeveCase as you can see in the following photo.


Cable Guy


Cable Guy in the sleeve pocket, 2710p inside

I am happy with the SleeveCase and the way it works for me.  It protects the 2710p nicely and yet makes for the smallest and lightest kit for just grabbing the HP and heading out the door.  I heartily recommend this case for 2710p owners who are looking for a simple way to safely transport their Tablet.  The SleeveCase is only $39 in the simple configuration I have covered in this review.


Dave Beauvais

I’ve been extremely happy with the Case Logic 13″ Laptop Shuttle sleeve (SKU-SNS-13). It’s an almost perfect fit for the 2710p. It fits fine with the media slice attached, though if you had both the slice battery and media slice it might be a bit too snug. The AC adapter fits okay in the front pocket, though it does create quite a bulge. I generally don’t carry it with me given he long life of the 2710p’s primary battery. The sleeve fits perfectly inside my regular laptop bag and the zippered sleeve just becomes a pouch inside the top-loading bag. When I’m going to a meeting, I just slip the sleeve out, leaving the bulk of the bag in the office. If I expect to be out for several hours, I’ll take my spare primary battery with me in the front pocket.

Toby Brown

The waterfield sleevecase is a superb laptop case, at least it has been for my experience of taking my Lenovo X61T to and from work every day. Perfect light weight but (relatively) safe way to transport just the laptop. Add the Piggyback case, and you can transport your extra battery or powersupply.
Travel light and work light!

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