Integrated EV-DO coming to the HTC Shift?

HtcshiftbacksideThe current (or coming soon) HTC Shift UMPC offers up wireless connectivity of the HSDPA flavor, so when Engadget found a Shift-like diagram on the FCC site of a CDMA device, it didn’t take much to put two and two together. Known in FCC-land as the CLIO200, the FCC diagram is an identical match to the on in the HTC Shift manual on Page 18 of this PDF as shown here. The tell-tale air vents gave it away since there aren’t too many phones I know of with those.This might open the market up for the Shift a little more here in the U.S., but my early opinion is that the device is a wee short from mobile device nirvana. There’s no question some folks will plunk down the cash for this well-designed device but the short battery life and 800 x 480 screen is a let-down. Then again, maybe the CLIO200 is already a next-gen shift that addresses these concerns. Check out Steve’s first impressions of the Shift, the GSM one, not the CDMA version, right here on UMPC Portal.


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