Battle Against Spam Moves to a New Front?

Are we winning the war on spam? It depends on how you define “spam.” If you mean those messages you got because a marketer bought your email address and thinks you want cheap software, larger private parts or special deals on medication, a Google engineer says YES! Quoted in an article on, Google software engineer Brad Taylor says “the number of spam attempts — that is, the number of junk messages sent out by spammers — is flat, and may even be declining for the first time in years.”

True or not, most of us are much less bothered by spam than we used to be. We shield ourselves from the volume that actually hits our inbox with server-level filters such as the one employed by Google, client-side filtering and other means.

The article goes on to call out the next great inbox nuisance…email from that store you ordered from once or twice, but now think they have a right to solicit your business every single day. I’ve lost count at how many times I’ve unsubscribed from email from 1-800-Flowers and Kohl’s. David Daniels, A VP at Jupiter Research:

“We expect people to spend as much time on e-mail as they have, but we think people will receive more e-mail from legitimate marketers. So there will be more competition to get consumers’ attention in the inbox, but it will be more like competition between The Gap and J.C. Penney as opposed to The Gap and a Viagra salesman.”

At least he didn’t call it Bacn.


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