WiBrain comes to Dynamism

Imgwibrainb1_1The good folks at Dynamism let me know that they are now offering the unique WiBrain UMPC for pre-order.  The WiBrain is expected to ship in the last half of December and is a unique mobile PC that seems to have everything including the kitchen sink.  I’m not sure I would like the split thumb board but the trackpad and keys on the front of the device make it pretty useful it would seem.  The small 4.8 inch screen at 1024×600 might tax these aged eyes but for those with good vision the extra resolution will probably be very welcome.  Dynamism is selling the WiBrain in two configurations, the lower-end is only $699 with a 30 GB hard drive and 512 MB of memory and the top-of-the-line model is $849 with a 60 GB drive and 1 GB of memory.  Both configurations ship with Windows XP Home so those memory allotments should be sufficient for good performance.  The WiBrain runs the Via 1.2 GHz processor and is fully equipped including a unique pop-up web cam.



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