What's New Now: Gizmo Project 4.0, fringMe Widget, Truphone For Facebook

SIPphone just released Gizmo Project 4.0, a soft client that includes video calling. You can make free video calls, even if only one person has a webcam, and the Meta IM and Tabbed Chat interface make it a worthy IM client for your Windows desktop. Mac people will have to wait, but 4.0 works on Nokia tablets. Now if they would just improve their quality of service…

Mobile VoIP/IP startup Fring has released the fringME! widget, which lets web visitors fring you from anywhere you’ve placed it. Among the cool features on this widget is the real-time ‘find me’ feature, which instantly opens a GoogleMaps window to show the fringster’s physical location via their GPS-equipped handset.

And lastly, my favorite voice-over-Wi-Fi company, Truphone, has released a Facebook app that allows folks to call you directly from the social network, just add the Truphone ‘Call Me’ button. They also have a video explaining how it works.

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