Verizon picks LTE for 4G network, good-bye CDMA

VerizonwirelesslogoWell, well, well… isn’t it interesting that following the “Any Devices, Any Apps” announcement, Verizon has chosen LTE for their 4G network platform? These two announcements in combination could have a tremendous impact on the U.S. cellular market in a few ways.First off, Verizon and Vodafone (part owner of VZW) would use the same network technologies which should allow for leveraging technical strategies. Secondly, this signals a move away from CDMA for Verizon, and not with a stop-gap of CDMA with SIM cards. Then you have the benefit as a Verizon customer to have your phone work many more places in the world, since a majority of coverage areas are GSM-based. Good times are coming people…trials are planned for LTE testing in 2008, which coincides with those “network technical specifications” that Verizon promises with their new open platform initiative.