Treobble adds kinetic contact scrolling to Palm OS phones

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TreobbleLove it, or hate it, you can’t deny that the Apple iPhone user interface has made a huge impact on other mobile devices. Take Treobble, for example. This free application offers your Palm OS handset the same kinetic scrolling effect of the iPhone for your contacts. Using your finger, you can swipe the list up or down to quickly find a contact. Once found, you can call, e-mail or message them with one tap. I like the little indicators at the bottom too: the left one lists the number of contacts, while the item to the right is a ringer volume gadget.(via Palm InfoCenter)

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Looks like the early reviews are less than positive. It seems it’s slow to start up — which isn’t good when you need to find that contact NOW. Also, people are questioning why one would want to scroll through a long list of contacts when the Treo searches as you type — so, most contacts can be found quickly after typing just a few letters.

Looks like a solution in search of a non-existent problem.

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