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Energy Bill Nears Consensus: The Bill looks to increase car efficiency to 35 MPG by 2020 and increase biofuel use in gasoline to 36 billion gallons by 2022 – Washington Post.

Texas GreenHunter Puts $10M in Chinese Wind: GreenHunter Energy has bought a 6.3 percent stake in MingYang Wind Power Technology as well as 900 MW of turbines for projects in the U.S. – CleanTech.

Green Criminals Are Stealing Solar Panels: Watch out for hot solar panels. Oregon State Police report that about a half-dozen road side solar panels, used to power changeable message signs and worth about $1,000, have been stolen. – OPB News.

Ocean Algae Won’t Cure Global Warming: A new study from Stanford and Oregon State says that hopes of giant oceanic algae blooms sucking up CO2 and taking it down into the murky depths are misguided – Green Car Congress.

Sharp Plans to Pump Up the Solar: Electronics giants Sharp says it will increase production of thin-film solar cells from 15 MW to 160 MW in the next year – JCN Network.

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