Podfight: Which Comic Book ‘Cast is Best?

There must be a rule somewhere that says if you’re going to launch a new media studio, you have to include at least one show about comic books. That would explain how Next New Networks, Revision3 and ON Networks all feature shows about caped crusaders.

But which one is the best? Which comic book video podcast should emblazon a giant red “S” on its chest and save your day? A primer is below; cast your votes at the bottom. [digg=http://digg.com/videos/educational/Podfight_Which_Comic_Book_Cast_is_Best]
PulpSecret! (Next New Networks)
Host: Three white guys
Pairs of Glasses: Two
Nerd Level: High
Release: Weekly
The Lowdown: PulpSecret! (excellent name) is a rapid-fire roundtable about the week’s latest comics, primarily focused on the superhero genre. The guys — Alex is the straight man, Justin is the cut-up and Pete is sooooooper geeky one — have some charisma, and are quite knowledgeable. Unfortunately, the show often devolves into laughing and jovial shouting, and I think they’re too close to the mic because there’s often a lot of distortion. PulpSecret! is also too short, clocking in under 10 minutes. I’d like to see more discussion — it’s a podcast, why the rush? It’s also a downer that in a sub-10 minute podcast there are TWO ads, a pre-roll and then a commercial break. Lame.


ifanboy (Revsion3)
Host: Three white guys
Pairs of Glasses: One
Nerd Level: Moderate
Release: Weekly
The Lowdown: iFanboy (the name works on various levels) gets points for being diversified. Yes, it’s about comics, but the hosts will also delve into different genres, like Westerns. And they often take it up a notch, discussing specific indie publishers or conducting interviews with comic creators. Their knowledge is encyclopedic, but they lose points for a total lack of set design (someone’s living room?). Ron comes off as the enthusiastic ringleader, Josh is the cynic and Conor is the cool- (and bald) headed voice of reason. Each show runs about 20 minutes, which gives it some heft and makes for more of a TV experience. And because the show is so long, the commercial interruptions don’t feel too invasive. (Disclosure: Revision3 produces The GigaOm Show).


Biff! Bam! Pow! WOW! (ON Networks)
Host: One white guy
Pairs of Glasses: One
Nerd Level: Defcon 5
Release: Irregularly
The Lowdown: The goofiest of the comic-cast hosts is Tom of Biff! Bam! Pow! WOW!, a one-man show that primarily covers super hero stuff, but will tangent into other nerd-core material like sci-fi movies and TV shows. When it comes to comic book fans, Tom definitely looks the part, more so than any of the other hosts, and he knows his stuff. But his silly antics get in the way, and the show suffers from a lack of back-and-forth with another person. He gets bonus points for combining an actual set with graphics to create a more professional (albeit slightly public access-looking) show — and as of now, there are no ads.


It would have been nice to include A Comic Book Orange, which was part of PulpSecret!, but as Liz pointed out, they haven’t released a new episode in over a month.

For me, iFanboy’s the way to go. Even though it’s little more than three dudes hanging out in a living room, talkin’ comics, they are oddly compelling. But what do you think, true believers? Vote for your favorite in our poll! The winner will receive a “no prize” (geek check!).