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PandoraBoy for Mac: more mature than PandoraMan?

PandoraboygrowlLong time readers know that I thrive on music throughout the day and that my favorite free music service is Pandora. Rather than streaming tunes through my web browser, I like to use a standalone client for Pandora that we’ve previously covered: PandoraMan. It works great although you have to hide the application rather than minimize it: minimizing causes the stream to stop playing the next song.Today I read about PandoraBoy over at TidBITS and I’ve just “downgraded” from PandoraMan to PandoraBoy. The two free clients are nearly identical in look and feel as expected since both are built on WebKit. The difference lies in additional features since PandoraBoy offers a bit more. It offers customizable buttons for controlling the app, supports commands from an Apple Remote and integrates nicely with Growl. I especially like the Growl bit since when I hide the app, I can’t see what song is playing. As each new song starts, I’m seeing a Growl notification complete with album art, artist name and song title as shown above.

5 Responses to “PandoraBoy for Mac: more mature than PandoraMan?”

  1. I’m just now looking for an app so I don’t have to be web-based. I’m running an older iBook, and found that (as of today 4/15/09), PandoraBoy is much less CPU intensive than PandoraMan. About 40% less. Given it does what I need, I am sticking with PandoraMan.