Office Mobile 6.1 upgrade now available, offers Office 2007 file support


OfficemobileRemember back in September when we mentioned Office Mobile 6.1 for Windows Mobile? We might have jumped the gun back then because the download was promptly pulled, but can you blame us for being excited? Version 6.1 offers support for the latest and greatest Office 2007 file formats, so we were a tad giddy. As the downloads stopped flowing, our excitement was put on the back-burner until today because the application update is officially available right here! In addition to the new file format support, you’ll get the following benefits on your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 device:

  • Enhanced viewing experience for charts in Excel Mobile.
  • Ability to view SmartArt in PowerPoint Mobile.
  • Ability to view and extract files from compressed (.zip) folders.

(via Mobility Site)


Jack Donohue

Only available for Windows Vista. I’ll stick with Windows XP on my home system and agree with Aaron Walker’s comments.

Aaron J. Walker


That’s it? I sure was hoping for a little more
“pizzaz” than just being able to read files in the new Office format and the ability to extract zipped files.

I’ve already got DocumentsToGo on my new Motorola Q9h.

And I keep all of my Office files compatible with 2003 and earlier so I don’t have to worry if the recipient has upgraded to 07 or not.

They could have slipped in a little Shadow-esque homescreen or something with a little more glitz.

Now, I’ll get around to the upgrade when I get around to it.

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