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Netflix to Show NBC Shows Online

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You gotta give NBC credit. When it comes to putting content online, the peacock is willing to try just about anything. Now Netflix has been added to the list of places you can watch episodes of Heroes, 30 Rock, and other NBC shows.


Under the deal, episodes of Heroes will be available to Netflix subscribers on its web site the day after they air on the network. Past episodes of other NBC shows will also be are already available.

As Netflix’s content acquisition VP, Robert Kyncl, explained in an interview with Variety:

“Netflix’s aggregate content on DVD right now is 90,000 individual titles,” Kyncl said. “My mandate is to continue increasing the availability of the same content in digital. We currently have 5,000 titles available. Our goal is to increase that in order to offer our subscribers multiple delivery options.”

The deal makes sense all around. Netflix takes one more step away from the soon-to-be-outdated, rent-physical-DVDs-by-mail business, and NBC gets another online syndication partner with a big user base with which to show its content.

For those keeping track at home, you can now watch NBC content online at,, Netflix, and if you’re glutton for punishment, through NBC Direct.

Update: “The Office” fan Craig pointed out that show is already available on Netflix. That’s what I get for letting my subscription lapse

7 Responses to “Netflix to Show NBC Shows Online”

  1. I have found that the netflix expierence is better than NBC 24 | 7. Netflix lets the show stream longer onto your computer, so if you press pause, the video keeps loading. This is good for my slow connection. 24 | 7 does not keep streaming when you pause, so then the show skips and pauses when I try to watch it. It takes a good 5-8 minutes for it to correct itself on 24 | 7, but who wants to wait through that?