Guess who’s in the New York Times? Kevin Tofel of course!


Kevin_cartoonThis is absolutely freaking awesome!  Pick up today’s New York Times and go straight to page C9 and you’ll see a great article, "Soup Up Your Cellphone" that was penned by Kevin C. Tofel himself!  It’s a great article and you’ll also find it online right here.  The nice  article looks at all the cool things you can do with your cellphone to turn it into the ultimate mobile device.  Congratulations, Kevin and I’m sure this article is the first of many for the NYT.  :)  Widgets, anyone?

UPDATE:  Doesn’t this look cool in the New York Times Reader?




Great job on getting into the NYT! Looks like you are making progress on your goals. That is great for you, keep working hard, and wishing you more success


Wow congrats Kevin. Can’t beat print publicity – should bring you lots of cred as well as new online subscribers.

Joe T.

This is one of the most informative tech articles I’ve read. Not just because I didn’t know anything about the subject, but because it filled in all the blanks, telling me all the how-tos and whys and clearly laying out usage and benefits.

But with all that tech information, it had to keep the average reader’s interest. It kept hooking in the average reader with familiar usage examples and benefits to them, just about when the information got to be too much.


For the Kindlers out there you can buy the NYT single copy and find Kevin’s Article at location code 2339-45. If they keep inviting Kevin back they’ll get a few more single copy sales. :-)

I was surprised to note that unlike the Washington Post the NYT comes with pictures!

Congratulations Kevin.


CONGRATULATIONS !!!! I was reading thru
the NYT this morning in the early Santa Monica chill, when WOW…could that be THE “Kevin C. Tofel”. Most excellent. From our favorite vids where you begin by appearing upside down…to the front page of the Tech section on the New York Times. Good work, Kevin.

Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for the well wishes! For any Twitter friends out there, this was one of the “secret projects” I’ve mentioned in tweets. ;) (Yes, Mike Cane this all part of our fiendish master plan… wait ’til you see the giant billboard going up in your neighborhood)

For anyone with the print copy, the article is on Page C9 and I’m amazed at how it came out! Kudos to the tech editor & copy editor that I worked with; very skilled folks!

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