Fujitsu packs 320-GB of storage in 2.5-inch notebook drive

Fujitsu_logoI continue to futz with 4 GB of flash memory storage on the Asus Eee PC while Fujitsu keeps increasing magnetic storage. Their latest offering, the MHZ2 BH, should be available in February of next year so I suspect we’ll get a look-see at CES in January. The 2.5-inch drive is a perfect fit for most notebooks, but sales will likely depend on the cost since other manufacturers already have competing products announced. Spinning at 5,200 RPM and sending data through a SATA interface, the drive provides access to 300 MB per second. Power-wise, the magnetic spinner sips 0.6 Watts when idling in neutral and uses 1.9 Watts in overdrive.(via Laptoping)