Quick Tips On What to Do If You Don't Feel Like Working


Let’s face it: there are times (days, weeks even) when we don’t feel like working. We just aren’t motivated, or we’re exhausted, and we just want to goof off or take a nap. Unfortunately, also means that you won’t get paid, and when the bills come in, it is hell to pay. Here are some basic tips to get you motivated again.

  • Work on something exciting.
  • Just do a little at a time.
  • Put a major project at the top of your to-do list.
  • Play a game.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Talk to someone.
  • Commit yourself to a deadline.

What is your favorite way to motivate yourself when you are feeling the blues?


Kristine Sheehan

Usually a cup of chai tea will do… I guess I allow myself the time to feel like “not” working and then I immerse myself into what needs to be done. The days challenge helps my desire to work grow.

Adam Darowski

Go to the bottom of the to-do list where there are some quick things that can be crossed off. Get ’em done. Feel like you got something done. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Khaled Afiouni

Try changing the computer location in the room or in the house if possible. Also changing the interior design of the room might help. I also foud out that changing the lighting affects the mood as well. This all can fool the brain to think that we’re doing something new ;)


I remember that I have 27 students who will appear in my room the next day and expect me to know what I’m doing! :)

Jaan Orvet

Go for a walk. The outside world is all you need to feel invigorated. Apparently it also “activates both sides of your brain since you have to coordinate left and right… and that triggers both your analytic and your creative sides of thinking” …as Andreas of Nofont commented when I posted about this topic recently. And here I am thinking it was just the fresh air!


I found the best way for me is to unplug and do something with my family. Then I come back and catch up that night after everyone is sleeping.

Liz Greer

1) This is what office dogs are for, aren’t they?
2) I try to identify the most distasteful or difficult thing that I’m trying to put off, and tackle that first (even if it’s just taking one small step in the right direction). Everything else is easier after that.

Mario Olckers

Thanks for posting this, exactly the kind of advice I need.

I find working during the night when everything is quiet the most productive. And the the mobile broadband network is waaay faster…

Chris M Johnson

Usually for me, to get myself motivated to work I need to first take a break from being in front of the computer. I limit myself to 1 hour away, longer then that makes it harder to return to working.

Once I return, like Ben said, headphones go on and volume goes up. It helps me block out any distractions from working.

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