Google Gadgets Come To Mac, Finally


Google is expected to release a new Google Desktop for Mac, which will allow you to run Google Gadgets (thus far available on Windows OS only) on OS X-based Apple computers. The application needs 10.4 or higher versions of OS X. The gadgets — widgets, in plain speak — will run inside of Apple Dashboard, adding more utility to the Apple widget platform. Here are some of the same Google Gadgets, in case you want to try them out: YouTube ( to search and watch YouTube videos from Dashboard) and Weather Globe. This is where you find many different Google Gadgets.

It is a pretty simple install process. You download the latest build of Google Desktop for Mac. Install the application and once you are done installing, a window opens and offers you many different widgets. You click on the ones you like, and the widget is installed inside your Dashboard. My favorite Google Gadget: Google SMS. Easy way to get local information.


Jason Burns

Other than the adsense one I run on my desktop I can’t think of any I couldn’t live without on my laptop, but it’s always good to spread them around and give some flexibility right?


Seems like they’re just converting the gadgets into widgets, as opposed to adding a new runtime.


It should be noted that Google Gadgets have been running in Dashboard for over a year, via the lightweight and free Amnesty Generator. This of course is a still an option for those Mac users who aren’t in the mood to install the bulky Google Desktop.

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