Google Gadgets Come To Mac, Finally

Google is expected to release a new Google Desktop for Mac, which will allow you to run Google Gadgets (thus far available on Windows OS only) on OS X-based Apple computers. The application needs 10.4 or higher versions of OS X. The gadgets — widgets, in plain speak — will run inside of Apple Dashboard, adding more utility to the Apple widget platform. Here are some of the same Google Gadgets, in case you want to try them out: YouTube ( to search and watch YouTube videos from Dashboard) and Weather Globe. This is where you find many different Google Gadgets.

It is a pretty simple install process. You download the latest build of Google Desktop for Mac. Install the application and once you are done installing, a window opens and offers you many different widgets. You click on the ones you like, and the widget is installed inside your Dashboard. My favorite Google Gadget: Google SMS. Easy way to get local information.