Get ready for another Tablet PC meetup at CES


Cheeseburger_2The CES is rushing up on us fast as early January will be here before you know it.  Kevin and I will be attending the giant show again this year and I am so happy to see Lora Heiny is planning another Tablet PC meetup this year!  I have attended the last two and let me tell you they are a blast and always have some great folks in attendance.  I am talking folks like Robert Scoble and Chris Pirillo, two of my favorite people.  Lora is in the process of organizing the event and it asking for your input to help determine where it will be this year and exactly which day of the CES.  I hope it’s at Cheeseburger Las Vegas again this year as I find that venue to be comfortable and friendly which is important for an event like this.  If you are an ISV or OEM who would like to demonstrate your wares to the crowd be sure and let Lora know, it is very welcome.  See you there!


James Kendrick

Already signed up when it was first launched. Look forward to seeing you at both things too. BTW, we may record another podcast at the BlogHaus this year. :)

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