Mobile Marketing Firm HipCricket Does An IPO on AIM; Raises $17.1 Million


[by Blake Robinson] Bellevue, WA based mobile marketing firm HipCricket, which almost got bought by Neomedia last year, then ditched that and raised two rounds of funding, has raised another $17.1 million, this time on London’s AIM market. This capital will buttress the $10 million that the company already raised in its first and second rounds of funding.

Its IPO brings HipCricket’s market valuation to $155.2 million, which will augment organic growth in the short-to-medium term. The new funds better equips the company to hold its own against mobile marketing competitors like NeoMedia who, just over a year ago failed in an attempt to purchase HipCricket.

To date, HipCricket has focused on making radio a more interactive vehicle by providing clients with tools allowing them to more easily market to mobile devices. Their current clients include Clear Channel, (NYSE: CCU) Fox and NBC.


leo fish

what a joke. a yet another mobile marketing firm in a business that is in a race to the bottom. is there any substantial business here to warrant millions in investment and an IPO. Plus the name is incredibly juvenile.




NeoMedia and HipCricket are not competitors. Both companies operate in two completely different market sectors.

1D & 2D Mobile Code Reading -vs- Mobile Marketing / SMS


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