Major Media Companies Using Pluck Will Be Able To Mesh Social Nets With Facebook, OpenSocial

It’s tempting to shrug off most of the announcements about this and that service embracing various social net standards as “well, duh” — but this one includes so many media outlets, it’s tough to ignore. Pluck, which serves more than 200 media web sites reaching tens of millions of users, will offer integration of its SiteLife social net platform with Facebook in the first quarter of ’08 and Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) OpenSocial midyear. Media outlets using Pluck include Reuters, (NSDQ: RTRSY) The Washington Post, (NYSE: WPO) Gannett, (NYSE: GCI) Discovery, The Economist, Freedom Interactive, CBC, Rodale and Meredith. Integrating with Facebook, MySpace and the like offers them a chance to expand the social realm for their users and reach a larger audience. Yet to be seen: whether it’s a real breaking down of walls or just an illusion.

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