WWD Coffee Break – Santa, Bookmarks & GMail

Be a Web 2.0 Secret Santa – Elfster wants to be your online secret santa site. They let you input a list of participants, block people so you don’t worry about getting another tie from your wife, do the drawing and assigning of recipients, and even help you anonymously share wishlists.

Wiki Pages for Sale – I hadn’t realized they were out there, but apparently one of the new Web 2.0 business plans is to create a wiki and sell pages on it to folks looking for search engine traffic.  Examples include The Million Dollar Wiki, The One Buck Wiki, and EntreWiki. Color me skeptical.

QuickBase Goes Enterprise – Intuit’s QuickBase is certainly one of the more venerable software as a service offerings out there, having offered customizable online business applications for about seven years. Now they’re rolling out an Enterprise Edition with an eye towards making IT happier, with features like IP address filtering and LDAP authentication.

Another Choice for Managing Bookmarks – Xerpi is another service for tracking your bookmarks online. It also offers easy buttons for site owners to encourage bookmarking, and a way for any user to create public bookmark collections for anyone to use.

A Way to Extract Your GMail – Now that GMail is offering IMAP, it’s possible to hook up the plumbing to get your messages to your local drive for more processing. One route is to install Thunderbird as your IMAP client and then the  ImportExportTools extension. The latter offers various choices for saving folders including plain text, eml or HTML files.

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