Video: quickly factory restore an Asus Eee PC with SSD


last time I restored the Asus Eee PC
ThoughtFix for the inspiration on this approach



thanks thanks and thanks. I was running this new eee through the updates, and after it did one of the restarts it just would not complete booting. Did your stuff above and it’s back like a charm.

thanks –

Pat Finnigan

Hey Kevin. Terrific ! I made the mistake of applying a 901 video update and your solution made “undoing” that lightning fast. Quite a while ago I “moved to the cloud” so user data was not a problem. I will, of course re-load those games that seemed most interesting,and where I wasted a lot of valuable time …. :-)}


Thank you I was trying to restore it through the CD that is given, and it taking so long. It still did not fix my problem until I watched your video. Thank you agian ;)

Edward Hasbrouck

This is comparable to (and only slightly simpler or faster than) the process fo a complete system restore of a Psion netBook from a CF card — with the difference that the Psion restore (a) will work regardless fo how completely yoiu have messed up any or all partitions on the internal flash drive, and (b) can optionally also restore all apps, settings, and data from the same CF card, as a second step of the process.

The eee is good, but still doesn’t match many of the usability features of the original Psion netBook.

Anthony Leotta

Very helpful. My 13 year old daughter took over the EEE PC when she saw it. I haven’t seen it months…until they said it was broken.

I unscrewed the back panel to find the memory had popped out of its socket. When I reseated…the EEE PC would not boot. I used a paper clip to reset … then I used F9 as seen in this video.

I did a factory reset and I was up and running!

All my daughter’s stuff got deleted, but the EEE PC is back!

She must have dropped it…how else could the RAM popped out?

Gavin Wilson

Very useful. I hadn’t tried to do any mods to Linux but somehow my Firefox had picked up a bug that made it unusable. A Netbook without a browser is almost useless. This video has fixed everything.

Des Walsh

This was very helpful. I got into a bit of a hole trying to install WIRE. Started getting error messages and decided I should probably do a factory restore. Your post and video were both reassuring and informative. Thank you.

I need WIRE to access Audacity on my flash drive and still haven’t figured out how to download it.


Have you done this with Windows XP installed? And wich version of Eee PC are you using? I can’t get a F9-menu on my Eee 701 running XP.


Okay, I trashed my linux install on my eee and freed up about 2 or 3 hours to reinstall it this evening to its factory settings… 2 minutes later and I’m done. I’m very very impressed with this feature. Thanks Kevin. Great vid.

I was about to buy myself a 4GB usb flash drive since my 1GB wasn’t big enough for the install from the DVD. I’m actually in shock at how fast that was. One very happy eee user here :)


Great, thanks! I had my eee for a week when DCOP server error messages started to show up. This video made it all work again. And within 5 minutes. Thanks again.


Fabulous – I have been fooling around with Linux (of which I know very little). the result was that I lost most of my icons – espec the nework one. So I was stuck as I did not know how to get on the network except by using the icons.
Now I know I can always get back to square one with F9



You have a sdhc slot that can store 8gb and they are making them higher all the time. Online is great when you can be online. Also, have a local when servers go down.


What most of you don’t realize is the f9 restore process on the eee pc doesn’t actually do an image restore. It wipes the user partition and reboots. With nothing in the user partition, the system automatically launches into setup mode. This is akin to saying deleting everything in your Windows My Documents folder is sufficient to reimage your desktop pc’s. Yes it is fast, but it is not in any way related to a full system partition restore.


Why not replace the standard reset image with a copy of your own image, including the apps you use? That way a ‘factory reset’ takes you back to where *you* want to be.


iPhone? Nooooo! It’s an iPod touch! Great video and idea, Kevin. Thanks for the props.

A reader told me I started a whole new genre of unboxing videos. I hope this is true: Every unboxing I do in the future will be a “from sealed to surfing” video for these types of devices. I hope your team and others do it too.

At CES – Coffee is on me.


How much disk is lost to the recovery partition?

I ask since my eeePc will be here tomorrow (UPS willing)..

I also ordered the 2Gram but will not install for a week or 2 to see how it runs without it and not void the warranty.


Grrr… Web-based mail, though I left the “mail” off!




Kevin, especially compelling is the thought you had on moving to using the cloud. I almost exclusively use web-based because I don’t have to have th HD I store POP3 mail on. But I don’t use other services online too much yet. That’s partly because I don’t trust them all yet, and partly because, well, I just haven’t. ;)

Curiously missing from both your and James’ gearbags is any mention of cloud-based services.

Might we be seeing something soon? (Hint, hint!)


Brad Linder

Because I’m still learning Linux, I’ve done this style of reset at least four or five times since getting my Eee PC earlier this month.

Like you, I have much of my important information online, so as long as I can access Firefox after a quick restore, I’m pretty much set.

For that reason, I’ve decided only to add the applications I need most to the Eee PC… and that works well because it has such a limited amount of storage. So every time I do a factory reset, I reinstall the full desktop, add GIMP, Audacity, and that’s about it. Well, plus WINE to run Reaper for more advanced digital audio editing, but I haven’t really put that solution through the paces to see if it’s worth it yet.


I have an asus eee with linux, I badly need to restore cause anything I do just gives me problems. But: if I do what’s shown in the video, what I see in the video just don’t happen… I switch it off, switch it on again, while pressing the f9 key. Nothing happens. Do I have to press the f9 key in conjunction with some othe key? please help me..

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