jkOnTheRun- over 250,000 views on YouTube!


Jklogo_customWe do a lot of videos on jkOnTheRun but only this year started posting them on YouTube to see what would happen.  What happened is that today we’ll pass over 260,000 views on YouTube which is just phenomenal and hard for Kevin and I to believe.  You guys are the best for following what we do here and we appreciate each and every one of you!  Next stop- a million.



Hard for Kevin and “ME” to believe, James. Would you write, “It is hard for I to believe”? Quite.


Congrats guys on the YouTube numbers…and I too, enjoy the MoTR (with Matt)

Thanks :)

Mel Buckpitt

Congrats, what with the podcast doing well as well, you guys are on the up.

Always informative and always fun.

Keep up the good work.

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