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Today 19Marketplace announced its Workplace2go offering, a hosted set of business applications available on a pay-as-you-go basis. The offering includes WebEx Web Office, WebEx Web Conferencing, Microsoft Exchange Email, Blackberry Mobile Service, and more. As I wrote on GigaOM, this may be just the thing for the small business owner who doesn’t want to put together and troubleshoot his or her own (likely cheaper) alternative from Web 2.0 tools.

But what if you do want to build your own workplace to go? What applications would it include? Here’s what I’d use:

What tools would make up your “workplace to go”?


Christopher Corsaut

Hi guys, great discussion. offers the web’s new accounting engine. I just connected it to Javelin CRM. Total cost $41, unlimited users. I am psyched! Also using skype, gmail and google apps, mozy.

i love what is happening with the web, empowering people with such useful and affordable tools. Organic Mechanic will be implementing UserVoice soon to let people submit and vote on suggestions about how we can serve them better. That is innovation, hand the megaphones to the customers who want to buy from you. Both Xero and Javelin CRM have this implemented so that customer suggestions actually get developed rather quickly!

Highly recommending to hire professionals from around the world for any variety of services. They all compete for your business and good feedback, resulting in amazing work for very cheap.

Read the 4 Hour Work Week!!! This is the most directly useful book for any entrepreneur and adventurer.

Oh for legal I use Pre Paid Legal, it is $17 per month for unlimited consultation and document review, plus they will back you up in court if ever necessary.

Looking for an ecommerce site that hooks up with Xero and Javelin CRM.

Best of luck everyone!

Peter is not just a freshbooks it does heaps of stuff, I am a huge fan and run two whole businesses on it and some personal stuff too now.

wrt Skype – I have had mixed experience with skype too, their new business management tools are great though and I notice they are doing more post-call surveys now so probably something they are working on?

Porobably worth mentioning the free version if you are a tech business. It also has a rather sweet integration that just works out of the box.

Google Docs is rapidly becoming a major fav too.


There is also NetAccounts by for invoicing and integration with e-commerce engines via web services.

Love Gmail for domains and it just keeps on getting better with the IMAP integration and the contact features coming up. Have not been too impressed with Skype (even with phillips wireless handsets), call quality has sometimes suffered.


For those lucky enough to be in New Zealand, is a great lightweight web based accounting system, that handles alot of what small busineses really need. New Zealand only but soon to be opened to UK and Australia. Well worth a look


I’d swap Skype for Gizmo and Amazon S3 for Mozy. Plus I personally prefer Zoho’s office suite. I’ve got my own server space, so I’ve got SugarCRM running there and I’m debating running Zimbra’s open source project. I don’t do much web conferencing, but I’m itching to give DimDim a try.

Adam Benayoun

I am using the applications suite at we’re currently on private beta.
But when we’ll be launching our public beta, we’ll have more than 10-12 integrated modules ready to launch at any moment from the octabox workplace.

Check us out.


I prefer Blinksale to Freshbooks for invoicing, though my needs are very simple. And the 37signals suite of apps (though mostly Basecamp) is awesome.


we use yugma and skype as well. they are fabulous…even together! i will definately be looking into the other tools you mentioned as well. thanks!

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