Sony Manufacturing Games In India To Bring Prices Down; Sells 8000 Consoles A Month

Sony (NYSE: SNE) sells around 8000 consoles a month in India, and the country has around 300,000 PS2 consoles, and 90,000 PSPs, reports Sify. The company has also started manufacturing its own game DVDs in India – instead of importing them – and this has helped bring prices of games down to half or one-third of what they used to cost. The game titles are being produced at Sony’s plant in Vikhroli in Mumbai. Sony also intends to produce PS3 games in India. Sony has also introduced the 40GB PS3 for Rs. 25,000 which will compete with Microsoft’s (NSDQ: MSFT) xBox 360. However, I think the most important move that Sony made in India was when they dropped the price of the PS2 to a sub-Rs.10,000 level, and games to around a Rs. 300 level. Strangely enough, people speak as if console gaming in new to India…Anyone remember those Media Video boxes, and games like Contra? I remember seeing one in Palika Bazaar last year.