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Apple Marketing Whiz Talks iPod, iPhone, International Growth

Even icons need marketing. Greg Joswiak, the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) marketing whiz working with the iPod and the iPhone, talked with Fortune’s Jon Fortt recently about the upcoming developer’s kit for iPhone, international sales opportunities and more. Some forward-looking excerpts after the jump:

iPhone developers: Joswiak’s spin: “I think the software development kit (SDK) that

3 Responses to “Apple Marketing Whiz Talks iPod, iPhone, International Growth”

  1. ilovemicrosfot

    people need to realize that iphones and ipods are destroying their eyes and ears if they use it for hours each day. there is a hidden medical cost that all Americans would've to bear as the current iphone and ipod users go deaf and blind in their late forties and require eye surgeries or hearing aids.

  2. This only adds to my belief that the expansion of Apple and its forward looking technology has only begun. The increase in the market share of Mac's has been increasing also. Great company with fun, useful products.