Your .mov’s Flattened

If you do a lot of work with video files you will eventually want to share them with Windows toting friends, family or colleagues and maybe post them somewhere on the web.

It can be frustrating when starting out with your Mac to find the Quicktime (QT) files created by many Mac applications are not always easily recognised on other platforms or the web, even when the correct QT plug-in is available. If this happens to you your movies need flattening. No really :).

QT is a much deeper application than it at first appears but this depth can lead to problems when you go outside the Apple envelope.

Apple will sell you QT Pro for £20 ($40 plus) which does the job; but what if you only need this facility occasionally and/or you have twenty files to flatten? Quicktime Pro can do only one file at a time out of the box.

I love small apps that do one job well and Lillipot is a donationware application that does all this very well.


Lillipot accepts batch quantities of QT files and ‘flattens’ them – puts all the possible resources used in the making of the QT file at the beginning – adds ‘fast start’ – which makes movies viewed over a slower web connection start playing more quickly, and removes any dependancies which may have been introduced if you used the ‘Save as a Reference movie’ dialog somewhere along the way.

Lillipot accepts two file types, .mov and .mp4, turning the one into the other and vice versa. That’s it.

Lillipot is simply useful and comes in universal binary flavour.

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